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  • Pegasus 4.8.0
    • Decaf
      • local universe jobs does not honor request_cpus , and jobs remain idle if they ask for multiple cpu's
        • karan will update pegasus to remove the request_ parameters from the local universe jobs
    • Steven Clark
      • Pegasus build issue is related to python 3 compatibility in the DAX API
  • LIGO 
    • Eliu plans to run on Bluewaters
    • we should confirm that he only wants to run on bluewaters.
    • they have sucky performance of getting data to the compute nodes in bluewaters.
    • set the schedd start date

    • Karan will do a test setup there.

  • Pegasus Builds
    • failed because of detain version upgrades to build tools
    • setup tools in python complains to pegasus 4.8.0-dev