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Register student's wired NIC address with CIS from

Change password

titleSync LDAP with NIS

After password change ask CIS to sync NIS and LDAP. Include username in ticket.

Action should have sent an email about the student's account along with a username and temporary password.

Telnet into darkstar OR boreas OR nitro as user and change the password with:

$ passwd
$ yppasswd

Add to Crowd

Add student to Crowd with ccg-users, confluence-users, jira-users


Add student to salt stack.

Add to Slack

Add student to the Pegasus slack.


Give the student write access to Confluence via Crowd.


Have the student set up their email client to access their ISI account, or create a .forward file.

Set up SSH Keys

  • Windows 10: Has OpenSSH support. To enable see

    Code Block
    mkdir ~/.ssh
    cd ~/.ssh
    ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -C "$USER"
    # Enter a password when prompted
    # Execute on Student's Linux Desktop
    # cat > authorized_keys