Stampede GWT Portal.


Stampede GWT portal provides a Graphical Web User Interface for monitoring and analyzing work flow executions.

Pre requisite

Stampede GWT Portal installation require following software installed on the machine.The tested versions are shown in brackets.

  • Apache Ant (1.7.1)
  • Apache Tomcat Server (6.0.24) . Required only if you are deploying the ant on the server . In the development mode the GWT uses default jetty server.
    Note: there are no particular needs for this specific software versions, the version are provide as an indication. Similarly , any web server which has servlet container can be used as server.

Stampede GWT Portal installation require following environment variable set on the machine.

  • PEGASUS_HOME :- Pointing to pegasus installation.Portal uses it to access the pegasus-analyzer script.

Steps to get GWT Portal running on the local machine

1) Get the latest version of GWT SDK from  here . The portal is tested  on 2.0.0

2) Extract the downloaded GWT SDK to GWT_HOME.

3) Check out the code from svn  to STAMPEDE_HOME.

#> svn co

4) Change the property gwt.sdk in STAMPEDE_HOME/build.xml to  GWT_HOME.

5) To run the project in development mode execute the command from the STAMPEDE_HOME directory.

#> ant devmode

GWT development mode will open a new window .

Press "Launch Default Browser" to open the stampede web portal on the default browser. To try on other browser's copy and paste the URL on to the browser.
The browser that are currently active is shown as a tab at the top of the development mode window.

Note : When you are running in the development mode for the first server, it will prompt you to install the Google Web Toolkit Developer Plugin.
Follow the instructions in the browser to install the plugin.

Steps to deploy GWT Portal on the server

 1 )Set up the tomcat server on your machine. Lets call it CATALINA_HOME . Documentation for tomcat installation can be found here. The tested version is 6.0.24  .

 2) Execute the following command from the STAMPEDE_HOME directory.

#>ant build

3) Create Stampede directory inside CATALINA_HOME/webapps directory

#>mkdir CATALINA_HOME/webapps/Stampede

4) Copy the contents in the STAMPEDE_HOME/war directory to Apache tomcat server’s CATALINA_HOME/webapps/Stampede directory.

rsync --delete -avh /STAMPEDE_HOME/war/* --cvs-exclude --exclude upload CATALINA_HOME/webapps/Stampede/

Set up is complete and is ready to go.

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