Meeting with John Good, Caltech, 9/24/2007

Montage has two clusters, one for small jobs, the second one they want to use for larger-scale mosaics.

Ewa and John discussed Pegasus monitoring tools. There were some discussion of using Ganglia.

John also mentioned he may want to have a service to poll for the completion of the jobs. Such and such percentage of the jobs in the workflow have been completed.

John can provide coverage maps of the mosaics created by Pegasus.

John does not want to use RLS: too many components to install: RLS, ODBC, MySQL, all with very specific versions. One solution we proposed was to use physical file names in the Pegasus workflow. However, a better solution would be to have the mapping of logical to physical file names done within a file.

Discussions of registering input data after it has been downloaded--but this is hard because a file-based replica catalog is brittle and may be very inefficient. We can also look into a simple DB to hold the local replica mappings. The issue here is that John wants to deploy the system locally without worrying about the grid aspects (yet).

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