Notes from ISI visit

Hand constructed DAX 3.0 with associated files

DAX Tarball

Ihope DAX Images

IHope Uber DAX

iHope Common DAX

iHope Full and Injection DAX

iHope Full and Injection Veto DAX

Plan for getting ihope running under Pegasus

LDG Changes

  • Change so that inspiral_hipe and ihope can write DAX using the version 3.0 schema. The uber-dags will be a mixture of hipe-created dax that do the compute intensive part of the pipeline and dags that to plotting and post processing.
  • Remove the obsolete peg_cache files.
  • Remove ldg_submit_dax -nosubmit (and condor_submit_dag -nosubmit) calls from ihope.
  • Modify hipe so that short running jobs (thinca and trigbank) have the correct collapse keyword in the dax.
  • Make sure full PFNs are specified in the DAX for all executables and for any non-gwf input data files.
  • Change so that it always output a 3.0 dax whenever a dag is written.
  • LDG daxes should not contain gwf LFNS and should contain ligo_data_find jobs.

OSG Changes

  • Replace LDRDataFind call in with a call to the function that parses the diskcacheAPI file to do the metadata to LFN mapping.
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