Compile HTCondor 9.2.0 on Power9 RHEL 7.6

## Dependencies
- pcre@8.44
- libpam@1.09
- libuuid@1.0.3
- boost@1.66.0
- scitokens@0.6.3 (

## Patch instructions

### Boost
- update: SRC/externals/bundles/boost/1.66.0/CMakeLists.txt
  - Comment the if condition 68-76
  - add  
  find_package( Boost COMPONENTS ${BOOST_COMPONENTS} )

### Environment variables
export dependency_dir=/usr/WS2/iopp/software/spack/var/spack/environments/condor-build/.spack-env/view/
export scitokens_dir=/usr/workspace/iopp/software/scitokens-v0.6.3/install

## Instalation instructions

git clone
cd htcondor
git checkout tags/V9_2_0
mkdir build-main
export SRC_DIR=$PWD
cd build-main
make -j

cp /usr/share/automake-1.13/config.* externals/bundles/libcgroup/0.41/libcgroup-prefix/src/libcgroup

make -j
make install
cd ../release/
./condor_configure --install --make-personal-condor --prefix=$SRC_DIR/install

chmod +x ../install/
cp ../install/ ../install/bin/
$ cat /usr/WS2/iopp/software/htcondor-V9.2/install/local.lassen708/condor_config.local
SEC_PASSWORD_FILE = /usr/workspace/iopp/software/htcondor-V9.2/install/etc/condor/passwords.d/POOL
SEC_PASSWORD_DIRECTORY = /usr/workspace/iopp/software/htcondor-V9.2/install/etc/condor/passwords.d
LOCAL_CONFIG_DIR = /usr/WS2/iopp/software/htcondor-V9.2/install/local.lassen708

Compile HTCondor 8.4.3 on SLES 11 SP4

Here are some notes on compiling HTCondor 8.4.3 on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP4.
  1. Launch an SLES 11 SP4 image from the AWS Marketplace on Amazon EC2. I used an m3.xlarge instance type.
  2. # zypper in git gcc gcc-c++ pcre-devel cmake boost-test boost-devel libcurl-devel python-devel libicu-devel openssl-devel libuuid-devel libxml2-devel pam-devel libexpat-devel bison flex mozilla-nss mozilla-nss-devel openldap2 openldap2-devel xorg-x11-libX11-devel autoconf automake libtoolize libcares-devel krb5-devel pkg-config
  3. $ git clone
  4. $ cd htcondor
  5. $ git checkout V8_4_3
  6. # I was not able to get the CREAM support to compile, so I turned it off
    # Also, I had problems with the glibc external for standard universe, so I ran with CLIPPED on
  7. $ make install
    # Note that the make package target doesn't produce a correct package (lib/condor and libexec/glite/lib are missing), thats why you need to tar it up yourself
  8. Get coffee...
  9. $ mv release_dir condor-8.4.3-sles11
  10. $ tar czvf condor-8.4.3-sles11.tar.gz condor-8.4.3-sles11

HTCondor on Bluewaters

Some notes to compile HTCondor from source for Bluewaters

  1. Download HTCondor source from website. We tried it with 8.5.5
  2. install the following packages
    1. PCRE
    2. libpam
    3. libuuid
  3. make sure certain modules like boost and globus are loaded in your environment
    1. module add boost
    2. module add globus
  4. Update CMAKE prefix to point to dependencies in step 1 . you may have to install newer version of CMAKE
    1. export CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/u/training/instr006/SOFTWARE/install/pcre-7.6/:/u/training/instr006/SOFTWARE/install/pcre/:/u/training/instr006/SOFTWARE/install/libpam/1.3/:/u/training/instr006/SOFTWARE/install/libuuid/
  5. Set Compiler Flags before compiling
    1. export CC=gcc

      export CXX=g++

      export CFLAGS=-I/u/training/instr006/SOFTWARE/install/pcre-7.6/include

      export CXXFLAGS=-I/u/training/instr006/SOFTWARE/install/pcre-7.6/include

      export LDFLAGS=-L/u/training/instr006/SOFTWARE/install/pcre-7.6/lib

  6. Build condor
    1. rm -rf condor-8.5.5; (tar xzf condor_src-8.5.5-all-all.tar.gz && cd condor-8.5.5 && rm -rf src/nordugrid_gahp && cmake -DUW_BUILD:BOOL=TRUE -D_VERBOSE:BOOL=TRUE -DBUILDID:STRING=BW -DCLIPPED:BOOL=ON -DWITH_BLAHP:BOOL=TRUE -DWITH_CREAM:BOOL=OFF -DWANT_MAN_PAGES:BOOL=FALSE -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH=${PWD}/release_dir && make && make install) 2>&1 | tee build.log
  7. # one successfully built, install condor
    1. cd release_dir

      ./condor_configure --install --make-personal-condor --prefix=/u/training/instr006/SOFTWARE/install/condor/8.5.5

  8. sds

As of August 18th, HTCondor is currently running on the login nodes

To use that installation do:

source /projects/eot/bafu/

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