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Alpaca: Cactus Tools for Application-Level Performance and Correctness Analysis   Poster

BOINC: Middleware for Volunteer Computing      Poster

CalSWIM Project

CILogon: Secure Access to National-Scale CyberInfrastructure   Poster

CorralWMS: Integrated Resource Provisioning Across the National Cyberinfrastructure in Support of Scientific Workloads   Poster

A Cyber Identity Infrastructure for National Science

Data Observation Network for Earth (DataONE): A Virtual Data Center for Biology, Ecology, and the Environmental Sciences

Deploying MATLAB as a Seamless Parallel Software Utility    Poster

An Environment for Portable High Productivity High Performance Computing on GPUs/Accelerators

EVO: Remote Participation for LIGO and the LIGO Scientific Collaboration

GDBase: The Offline Scalable Debugger   Poster

Instant-On Simulation Delivery: Helping TeraGrid Achieve Its Wide and Open Strategic Goals   Poster

In Situ Processing and Visualization for Peta- and Exa-Scale Simulations    Insitu poster

Integrated Performance Monitoring (IPM)  Poster

iRODS: integrated Rule-based Data System   iRODS Poster

JGAAP: A Modular Software Framework for Evaluation, Testing, and Cross-Fertilization of Authorship Attribution Techniques    JGAAP poster

Karma: Standalone Provenance Collection Tool for Data Sharing and Preservation  Karma poster

Kepler/CORE: A Comprehensive, Open, Reliable and Extensible Scientific Workflow Automation Framework Kepler Poster

Long-Lived Digital Collections

Monitoring User-Level Grid Functionality and Performance Using Inca           Poster

MyCluster: Creating Personal Clusters On-Demand   Poster

NMI-SDCI Identity Management   Poster

Observatory Middleware Framework   OMF Poster

Open Cyberinfrastructure for Mixed-integer Nonlinear Programming: Collaboration and Deployment via Virtual Environments  Poster

Open Grid Computing Environments    Poster

Open Source DataTurbine (OSDT) Initiative

Parallel I/O Software Infrastructure for Petascale Systems

Pegasus Workflow Management System   Pegasus Poster

Petascale Productivity through Open Integrated Tools (POINT)   Poster

Production Services for the perfSONAR Framework

Provenance-Aware Faceted Search Poster

QBETS: A service for automatic prediction of batch queue delays   Poster

Rocks Cluster Distribution

SAGE: OptIPlanet Cyber-Mashup    Poster

SDCI: Improvement and Release of Uintah  Poster

SDCI - Middleware for "Missing Links" in Virtualized Grids    Poster

SDCI NMI Improvement: Middleware     Poster

SDCI NMI Improvement: OPeNDAP and NetCDF Integration  Poster

The Semantic e-Science Framework Poster

Semantic Routed Network for Searching in Cyber Infrastructures

SPADE: Support for Provenance Auditing in Distributed Environments  Poster

STAMPEDE: Middleware for Monitoring and Troubleshooting of Large-Scale Applications on National Cyberinfrastructure  Stampede Poster

Stork Data Scheduler   Poster

The Swift Parallel Scripting Language    Poster

Topology-Aware MPI Communication and Scheduling for Petascale Systems   Poster

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